Wow, the last time I posted anything was in August? Ughhhhhh. Time to start posting more I guess!

So, a couple things! First, I'm very pleased and incredibly excited to announce that I'm co-writing the Bee & Puppycat comic with series creator Natasha Allegri for Boom! Studios. We've been working on it for a while behind the curtains of silence and mystery but they finally popped the cork and made a formal announcement today over at Comics Alliance! You can see some of the covers as well as the first two pages, featuring Natasha and Patrick's amazing tandem artwork. The first issue goes on sale in May! 

Next on the agenda is this website. What am I even doing with this thing? I never post art here anymore - heck I rarely post art ANYWHERE anymore. That's a bummer! Last year was a really big down-swing for me. Lots of personal/family turmoil going down and it was really difficult to find the time or desire to do anything creative. I tried to reboot Oh Shit, Monsters! with a new story but after only two or three comics I stopped because it was just too much.

But 2014 is a new year and I'm kicking it off the right way with a new writing gig, and over the past month I've found that I really, REALLY enjoy writing. So I think I'm actually going to take a break from drawing for a little while and focus on honing my writing skills. I'll still post the odd doodle now and then, I'll more than likely add little illustrations to the stories I post, and of course I'll still be updating My [Adjective] Life on Tumblr. In fact I just did some hourlies for Hourly Comics Day on Feb 1st! So you can go check that out to catch a glimps into my impressive lifestyle.

Oh and Oh Shit, Monsters is definately not over. Before I even started the website I sat down and mapped out three 12-episode seasons worth of stories for Greyard and Dervit, and I'm not about to just let them gather dust. So I will be making more Oh Shit, Monsters comics this year, that much is for certain. I'm not sure exactly when, but soon. I'll post here once I start up again.

So I think that's about it! I'll be posting and updating this site a lot more frequently now. Gonna overhaul the visuals, make a new background and header, tidy up, nips and tucks, you get the idea. Maybe use it as a hub to collect everything I've been doing on a weekly basis, and definately gonna be posting short stories and such in an upcoming new section for my writing!

See you all soon!


New art!

Just added this to the porfolio page:

It's been a slow, boring day at work (the servers went down for an hour and a half) and I wanted to draw something in battle mode. This started out with a dude in a field surrounded by goons, but as soon as I finished drawing him I knew I wanted him to be in a dungeon with something coming from around a dark corner.


Domain name change!!

Hey y'all, this is just a head's-up, the address is gonna expire at the end of next week and everything is gonna transfer over to the address. ( will still work though)

So update your bookmarks! 



Also I finally got the uploading problem sorted on my Porfolio page so it's all filled with art work and things.


New shorts!

Hey all! I made some new shorts last week and uploaded them to the new SpankyDoodleArt YouTube channel. (I'll update the link on the navigation banner as soon as I migrate all the older shorts over to the new channel) Check 'em out!

Also, I've been trying to upload new images to my portfolio section but something seems to be amiss with SquareSpace's uploader because they've been processing thumbnails for about a month now. I'm still trying though! (And you can still click on them to see the artwork, even though the thumbnails don't work. Weird.)


Update! Music!

For a really long time I've battled with putting my music online. I've always been afraid that it's going to be universally hated or someone would, inexplicably, steal one of my songs. I'm slowly getting over that fear and last year I got into some song writing challenges with a friend of mine online, and made a SoundCloud page to put up a few songs.

I'm trying to get back into songwriting (it comes and goes for me) so I thought that since this is a page for all of my art, I'd link to my music here as well as my cartoons. Also, it's my webpage, so I can link whatever I friggin' want to and there's not a dang thing anyone can say about it!

So if you feel inclined, check out my SoundCloud page! I've added a link at the top and I'll be updating it whenever I can.

Also, if you need to get in touch with me for whatever reason, I've added a 'Contact' section up there on the top right. So drop me a line!

I've been completely over my head for the last few months (2013 has been one harsh mistress so far, let me tell you) but the site WILL be out of the construction zone soon. I'm prepping the portfolio pages and getting My [adjective] Life and Oh Shit, Monsters all sorted out for new updates. Check back soon!!